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About Us

Mission Statement

Creative learning fosters creativity by preparing students to succeed in a rapidly changing society, ensuring that students develop their skills by means of a creative educational approach, aiming to attain essential competencies required by the emerging creative economy.

We design content that is inspiring to intentionally stimulate further education that maximizes students’ potential in digital creativity and innovation within the local and the global community.


About Creative Learning

Creative Learning is committed to offering with passion a high-quality service to their customers through expertise, knowledge, and skills related to creative domains considered as essential tools for creative learning.

Creative Learning provides online Courses for students who would like to learn about Digital Arts, Graphic Design, and Digital Photography. Apart from this, Creative Learning ensures to provide online courses for trainers, teachers, and/or lecturers who would like to make use of specific interactive technological tools to adapt or differentiate the content in a creative and visual manner so as to deliver their lessons either face-to-face or use of blended learning as well as a distance learning mode.  Creative Learning creates courses also for Groups, Individuals, Customized courses on request, and courses for Educational Institutions.

Why Choose Creative Learning?

Creative learning’s main services are to provide online courses related to Digital Graphics, Interactive Digital Graphics, and Digital Photography. Creative learning offers also services to help you choose and exploit a versatile way of utilizing IT technology for interactive teaching and online interactive marketing such as producing interactive adverts for social media. We also offer the service to train teachers, lecturers, trainers, and digital market personnel via distance learning to make use of the most popular Digital Design and Interactive Technology tools on the market. All this can be done from the comfort of your home office or any other place with an internet connection, through simplified video lessons and appropriate support. Creative Learning expertise is based on experience and research studies.