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InDesign Essentials

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What is Indesign

InDesign is a layout and design program for print and interactive documents. It is Adobe’s replacement for Pagemaker and is tightly integrated with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You can produce PDF documents, E-books for mobile devices and tablets, interactive documents with images sound and videos, directly from InDesign.

Desktop publishing overview

If you want to make part of the Desktop and Digital Publishing industry you cannot do it without InDesign. The prime application for desktop and digital publishing is InDesign. A publisher needs not only to have the knowledge of using the application but also to be knowledgeable in graphic design as well as image manipulation. InDesign is the application that combines graphics, photos and text together to output the final product. Recommended for who would like to embark on Digital Marketing, graphic design and or developing interactive educational resources (Teachers, Trainers, Lecturers and Presenters).

 For Whom is This Course

This unit is relevant to learners wishing to develop an understanding of ADOBE InDesign features and functions of desktop and digital publishing meeting specified requirements providing an appropriate portfolio. The unit will introduce the background of desktop and digital publishing concepts and interactive design to create valid content for various purposes and audience. No previous competence using ADOBE InDesign is assumed.


  1.  Use of ADOBE InDesign, identify essential tools.
    (Set an appropriate paper for desktop and digital publishing, Identify main tools, Familiarize with workspace)
  2. Compiling bitmap and vector content for desktop and Digital publishing.
    (Use of frames tool, Textbox, use of vectors, manipulating vectors, Interactive content)
  3. Create desktop and digital publishing as well as interactive publishing for various purposes and audiences.
    (Guided tutorials)
  4. Prepare a portfolio.
    (Developing of a portfolio for various outputs).

After completing this course you will have the appropriate skills to use ADOBE Indesign and create content for printing and or digital publishing as well as interactive content according to appropriate targets.

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Lesson 7

Magazine Tutorial

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