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Photoshop Essentials

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Photoshop Overview

Photoshop is the tool of every photographer but not only. The heart of presenting  a good product is not only through words but also visually. As a Photographer, graphic designer , lecturer or  others it is of crucial importance to obtain the appropriate  knowledge of creating attractive visual content to pass over your message in various circumstances, Photoshop is one main tool that can help you to do this.

For whom is this course

This course is relevant to learners wishing to develop an understanding of ADOBE Photoshop, features and functions obtaining essential skills in image manipulation and design producing efficient visual content for various purposes and different audience. The unit will introduce the background of ADOBE Photoshop concepts and key of digital image manipulation methods leading to creating a portfolio. No previous competence of using ADOBE Illustrator or digital graphic design is assumed.

Learning Outcome

  1.  Use of ADOBE Photoshop, identify essential tools.
    (Set an appropriate canvas, Identify main tools, Familiarize with workspace, Create basic image manipulation)
  2. Distinguish between bitmap images and vector images.
    (Use of layers, Marquee tools, use of vectors, manipulating images)
  3. Apply image manipulation techniques for various purposes and audience.
    (Guided tutorials)
  4. Prepare a portfolio.
    (Developing of portfolio for various outputs).

After completing this course you will have the appropriate skills to use ADOBE Photoshop and create Image editing according to appropriate targets.

Lesson 1

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Lesson 7